Online Medical Record Viewer Case Studies and Testimonials

I have found access to my records and being able to book appointments and request repeat prescriptions so easy. By being able to book appointments I feel I am not taking up the receptionists time with a phone call, this allows the receptionist to deal with more important/urgent patients who need to get through to reception quickly. Repeat prescription ordering is so much quicker and can be done there and then. I don't have to make a trip to the doctors anymore. I also can order them anytime of the day and have found the service excellent. Another plus for me personally is to see my medical records, I have a bad back and had forgotten exactly which discs were being affected. I can access my records and see exactly what was explained to me weeks ago. This is good for people who go to the doctors but may not take in all the information that they are given, and are then able to repeat the facts to family and loved one's correctly. I recently had blood tests and checked my results on line, next to the results there was an "information" sign which when I clicked on gave me more information online.
S P, Patient of Haughton Thornley Medical Centres. 8th May 2011
I would just like to say I have been very pleased since I have had access on the internet. At 76 I never thought it would be of any use to me. How wrong I was. I now order my repeat prescriptions on line, and I got the results from the Hospital appointment I had last year.
G C, Patient of Haughton Thornley Medical Centres. 8th May 2011
I would like to tell you of my own experience of this wonderful new facility being offered to us and how it has given myself and my family the support of knowing that it is there for us as a family. On a number of occasions in the recent past we have had family Health Problems needing tests including blood and Xray tests. Firstly my husband R M suffers from Heart Problems and has had a quadruple coronary bypass in 2007 so anything affecting his health is a real worry. He is also disabled he suffers terribly with Chronic Achilles Tendonitis and muscle loss in his left ankle. Also blood results if you see an abnormal reading you can look into it before you get the appointment with the doctor then you have the knowledge yourself to ask questions about it. All this is fantastic and I can’t believe there are not other surgeries doing the same. Having access to your records also gives you links that you can look up at the same time and that link gives you all kinds of information on how to deal with your health problem. Ordering prescriptions online is great no making a visit to the doctors to put the prescription in. You can even phone the chemist for them to pick it up and deliver it to you. Booking appointments - routine ones with the doctor you want to see - also is a good idea and you can look and choose the time that’s convenient to yourself.
K M, Patient of Haughton Thornley Medical Centres. 12th Aptil 2011
Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer five years ago I have, understandably, had to make more frequent visits to my doctor and have therefore found that having on-line access to my medical records has been invaluable. I have been able to keep track of my medication history, order frequent repeat prescriptions, check on my various test results and provide this information to my consultant and specialist when requested. I can, of course, also make appointments to see the doctor on-line when I need to plan ahead.
J C, Patient of Haughton Thornley Medical Centres. 20th April 2011
I took my wife to hospital for a pre op. interview and examination. During the interview the health worker asked my wife for a list of her current medication. We did not have this information with us. However I was able to use the hospital computer, and bring up my wife’s repeat prescription. The health worker was quite amazed that this could be done. She was able to print off the medication list (which has quite a few items on it). It saved her time writing the list, and eliminated any chance of error.
H N, Patient of Haughton Thornley Medical Centres. 29th December 2011
I am extremely privileged to be able to live a full life without being hospitalised and this is due in the most part to the wonderfully holistic care support network that I use all the time. My family get involved, as does my GP and often more than one), social worker, key worker, district nurse, dentist, chaplain for mental health issues, dietitian, friends, neighbourhood etc. All the team members can share any information about me that they may need to know and now I am more a part of the team and feel even more a part of my treatment which gives me a big self esteem boost. I am certainly not an IT professional but even I can work the system to book and cancel my appointments, request repeat prescriptions, and, more wonderfully, to see my blood test results and correspondence and consultation notes, should I choose to and if I would rather not know all the details then I am able to choose not to enquire.
Bee, Patient SE London.
Using Paers has boosted my self esteem as I feel privileged and worthy to be allowed to be part of my treatment like this.
Patient (name retained for confidentiality reasons), London