History of PAERS

PAERS Ltd was established in 2003 by three doctors, building on the success of an NHS pilot project providing patients access to their own electronic medical record in a progressive practice in South East London.

At first, we built kiosks. Patients used their fingerprints to access both their medical records and arrive themselves for appointments at the practice. PAERS was the largest provider of GP check in systems, and successfully expanded this expertise to other healthcare areas.

Over a number of years, we developed a system to enable citizens to see their GP records online. We pioneered this across the UK. Using experience, evidence and research and working with patients we became part of a national movement to make this available through the NHS. NHS policy changed to allow everyone who wants it to have access to their GP record online.

PAERS the company is on the NHS Framework to deliver record access to everyone in England. Our newest product is called i-Patient and we hope that it will be used across the country as people's preferred way of managing their health care and accessing their GP record.

The company is directed by Dr Fraser Booth, Dr Lachlan Clark and Dr Brian Fisher, MBE. All of the development is carried out with the involvement of patients and healthcare professionals.